It’ll All Be Ok

Part of an ongoing body of work entitled Do Not Think. Someone tells you that everything will be ok; no-one can guarantee this, no-one can know that everything will be alright. In this project I have used both hand embroidery and crochet as a way to keep my mind occupied and pass time.


Under Milk Wood Illustrations

Times are busy, what with the up-coming degree show, but here is a selection of work from a project I completed last semester.

 Under Milk Wood is a beautifully written “play for voices” by the Welsh poet, Mr Dylan Thomas. I created a series of illustrative textile pieces, each one ‘belonging’ to, or representing, a different character (a few are shown below);

Patchwork quilt (1.5 x 1.5m) for the “draper mad with love”, Mr Mog Edwards.
The front of a cushion, featuring a cross-stitched panel, belonging to Lily Smalls. (The reverse is embroidered with the second half of the line in the play, “That’s what you think.”)
“I will knit you a wallet of forget-me-not blue, for the money to be comfy.” Hand-knitted purse, belonging to a Miss Myfanwy Price.