Sold False Hope

Sold more work on newbloodart today! Lovely stuff. T’was this embroidery. Will be quite sad to see this one go… Flipping exciting to be selling work though. Yes. I should think about putting some new work up for sale I reckon…

I’ve started making more crochet for the upcoming exhibition, which I am (so far) enjoying. It a little bit amazes me that I seem to be doing the things that real-life artists are meant to be doing….! I am so happy 🙂 Take that world, I shall be successful. Went to London at the weekend and saw Grayson Perry’s “Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman” at the British Museum. Was a very, very good exhibition, definitely worth a trip! The idea of craft in art, or as art, this boundary which seems to exist, is something which interests me greatly.


I bought six of these tiny little tatty doilies a few weeks back. I really, really like them, but am not sure what should be done with them… I’ve embroidered this one with red silk. I think the words should be smaller. There’s something very vulnerable about the doilies.


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