A good word: Catharsis

So, I have applied for an MA in Art Psychotherapy. At Newport Uni, part-time over three years. The more I’ve researched it, the more I am sure that this is what I want to be doing. It feels right, it feels the right choice for me. A natural progression. It has me thoroughly fascinated. But of course I can, and SHALL, be an artist at the same time. I want to help people, I want to make a small difference to someone’s life. And I’m ok at that whole art-thing, and the contents of people’s skulls is… at the same time, intriguing and terrifying. But in a sort of good way. I know that I use art in a cathartic, therapeutic manner, and I want to help others realise the good that this can do.  

And now for some embroidery… With some ribbon. Which is now all used up, so I won’t keep coming across it in my sewing-box, making me feel slightly sick. Catharsis, innit.


‘Do Not Think’ at Galeri’s Open 2012; A Successful Mission

I spent last weekend up in beautiful, sunny Caernarfon, installing my work for Galeri Caernarfon’s Open 2012 exhibition. It all went very well, probably took over 6 hours of hammering, but it looks pretty flipping good; I am very happy with how it turned out! Didn’t win the ‘Most-Promising-Young-Artist-Award-Thing’, which would have been so amazing, but I did not mind losing to a beautifully fragile ceramic installation by Katie Colclough. Our works complemented each other quite nicely I thought, with their use of repetition, monochromatic colour schemes and vulnerability. I am very excited about the prospect of making new work now; I shall leave good-old crocheting alone for a little while 🙂

Do Not Think; silk and cotton crochet and embroidery, 2011



Once again, I am crocheting like a mad thing, in preparation for the Open 2012 exhibition in Caernarfon next week! Excited, but terrified, this will be my very first exhibition since graduating last summer; hopefully it shall be the start of something wonderful…

Sold TWO pieces of art this week on Newbloodart, so that is oh so wonderful 🙂

One of them was this tiny bit of embroidery, delicate stitches obscuring words. ‘What am I doing?’ It’s so odd not knowing who buys my work, or why they like it.

My mission this weekend is to get new work up on newblood. Some embroidery and maybe a couple of drawings I think. But it is tricky deciding what! Looking through all my work, there are so many pieces which I would dearly love to exhibit, work which I want people to see, which needs to be up on walls… There are many pieces I would not feel at all happy selling over the internet. 

A recent pen drawing;