Moving Out Week (and a play on words.)

I am moving into my very own tiny, lovely little flat on Thursday!! It is between the city centre and Cardiff Bay, and has a little balcony which I shall buy a little table and two chairs for, and eat breakfast on in the sunshine in the summer. I am excited, but it is scary, I never, EVER thought I’d live on my own! I think I’ve grown up. Just a little bit. I fear I am spending too much time working to make money, and not enough time making art, although I am still making stuff… but I wish I had more time. Why can’t I be paid to just ‘be an artist’? Oh dearie me, there are never enough hours. Especially as I am buried by all the packing this week. Which I should be. Doing. Right. Now.

Soon, fairly soon, I shall have work for sale in the Fashion and Textile Museum, which is, OH IN LONDON TOWN. Oh yes. And they found me. And I will have work for sale in an affordable art show in Cardiff in March, more details to come later! 


Silk embroidery 2011


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