Honesty is the best policy

Two weeks ago today I moved into my very own tiny little flat, and I am loving it. I’d just like a bit more time to spend in it…. so far, I’ve spent most of my time here asleep I swear. And over the last two weeks I have had flu. It is going now. I think it was flu, if it wasn’t flu, it was one bitch of a cold. Sold a painting on good old Newbloodart this week, and had a very long, if slightly uncomfortable, debate/argument about truth in art. Heading up to Caernarfon with a dear friend in the the morning to go pick my work up from the Galeri Caernarfon exhibition, and attend the final evening prize giving shindig thing. Should be a pleasant little adventure 🙂 Shall make sure I am armed to the teeth with sewing for the train journey. There is never any time to just sit and sew anymore- it shall be lovely. 

Here’s the ‘painting’ I sold the other day. It uses the idea of chromatography (like what you did in school with filter paper and felt tip pens)- fabric was left with one end dipped in a brown mixture of watered down paint, and then as the paint soaked up the fabric, the colours separated out. I did a whole series of work exploring this during the second year of my degree… it was a lot of fun! The end result is totally out of your hands. I like that. Beyond your control. There are turquoise bits that are easier to see in real life I think…  It all looks better in real life actually. Need to work on my photography skillz. But now it is bed time.



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