For one night only, ~The 50/50 Affordable Art Show!~

Tomorrow night (i.e Thursday 29th at 7.30pm!) I shall have a few pieces of work up as part of the 50/50 Affordable Art Show, in Undertone, which is the bit below 10 Feet Tall in good old Cardiff. So come and have a gander, prices will range from 50p to £50. Yup. Tho don’t feel you have to buy anything, just come and look at the beautiful things some lovely people in Cardiff make. I shall probably be floating around somewhere all evening, and I do believe it’s 2 for 1 cocktails in 10 Feet on Thursday nights…..

Oh and go see my work in London if you’re about! I refer you to my previous post….This is there;

On a different note, I have handed in my notice at the coffee shop. Three more shifts then it’s all over! There shall be much more time for ‘being arty’ with only one job (I am also a lab assistant. I play with chemicals and hot things). AND IT IS SO SUNNY. I am sat on the chaise longue my parents got me for my birthday, with the doors open onto my balcony.

See some of you tomorrow night I hope!


London Fashion and Textile Museum

So, I have work for sale in the Fashion and Textile Museum, right in the middle of London town. Can’t really believe it. I have gone from rural north Wales, to flipping London in a short couple of weeks! Tis the first time I have ever properly framed my work, and it really makes such a difference. Hopefully it will sell. Or more importantly, hopefully the right sort of people will see it. Hopefully lots and lots and lots of people will see it! And like it. Perhaps. Below is a piece I made especially for the occasion. Not to be taken seriously!