Newblood Art

I didn’t know this (I should pay more attention), but on my Newbloodart page they have written their own statement about my work. No one’s ever done that before! Have an extract;

“Tann’s work is confessional and guarded, and always bittersweet.” 

‘Tann’s work’…. wow, makes me sound like a real artist. Awesome. I’ve never used the words confessional and guarded about my own work, but they are very apt. Confessional….. I have things to confess?! I probably do. Makes me feel a bit uncomfortable… Being an artist is a strange thing.

You can go to my page to read the whole thing- there’s finally new work up for sale as well! Some fairly awesome rosettes, even if I do say so myself.

If anyone would like a rosette commissioned, DO get in touch! I’d love to work collaboratively with someone else’s ideas. Or any other commissions for that matter.

I just realised my fingers are covered in ink…. I have absolutely no idea where it’s come from. Uh oh…..



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