This is what you wanted.

Teresa Margolles won the Artes Mundi award! Hurrah! YAY! Go have a look at the New Blood Art blog to see some words I wrote about her wonderful work. So very glad she won. There couldn’t have been any one else in my mind.

I am thoroughly preoccupied with job hunting at the moment, and so the art is suffering. You’d think that with all this time on my hands I’d be making loads of stuff…. Oh Em. Come on. Do something. Still drawing (always drawing), but nothing much to show. Have some lovely little sketches.

4_whatyouwanted (677x1024)6_creep - Copy (609x1024)



A Red Head and a Violet Lady

Watercolour and biro. I quite like this combination…

Bittersweet Doilies


Important Words. Mementos? Little bits of stories, bits of me. Things are not quite as they seem. Ambiguous. Happy, sad, bittersweet (I hope). And somewhat sarcastic. Find your own meaning, give these words your own significance. Yes, do that. I don’t want to see them any more.

Recently completed series of embroidered vintage doilies, which will hopefully be available to buy through New Blood Art soon.



Recently completed embroidery commission. Fairly bloody chuffed with these.

“Man is made for something better than disturbing dirt.” (Oscar Wilde)

“A messy house is a happy home… we must be bloody ecstatic!”