The Great Job Hunt

stupidgirl (530x800)


So being a penniless artist is not all it’s cracked up to be. The boyfriend and I have fallen into these horribly gender-stereotypical roles…… I NEED TO FIND A JOB! I can’t just fill up my time with volunteering…….. or can I?! Ha ha. Oh. I’m trying to get a teaching assistant job, because children are awesome and I’ll have time to carry on being an artist. Have had a few interviews, which have all gone REALLY WELL. Or so I thought. So please someone give me a chance? I’ll be wonderful, I promise!

*bring bring*

Ah, the man is on his way home. Must get into the kitchen and cook him his dinner, he’ll be tired after a long day in the office, bless.

HA HA NOPE. To the pub! I’m off out. Au revoir.




entwined (523x800)


A very much tangled up lady from my sketchbook.

Finished Embroidery – We Daydream Alone

I finished this today. Need a better picture of it, but it is quite gloomy here now, alas. Have to wait til tomorrow.

wedaydreamalone (795x800)

‘We Daydream Alone’, embroidery, 2013

Yes, the words are InMe lyrics…(I love them oh-so-much)… I wouldn’t say they were stolen. What’s that silly arty word I Iearnt once-upon-a-time…? REAPPROPRIATE. I have reappropriated beautiful, inspirational words. And there is nothing wrong with that. I think they’re rather bloody good words to want to have around.

(Oh and in case you’re interested,  it’s free hand embroidery (i.e. I made it up as I went along) done with red cotton, on a lovely delicate tiny doily I found in an antiques shop on one of my jaunts to Rochester.)


It’s one of those days…

Ihateyou (459x800)From my sketchbook. Ah, healthy self-doubt and a delightful lack of confidence. I think that spring should hurry up and get sunny now.


Organisation and Enthusiasm. YEAH.

Bastard Bloody Damn (805x1024)

‘Bastard Bloody Damn’, mixed media, 2008

I am sorting out my studio. I AM ORGANISING ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. And it is about bloody time. Found the above painting/collage which is from the first year of my degree…. so 2008?! Wow. How time flies. I still really like it, which is a rare thing. I shall find a wall for it somewhere.

Still one of the jobless, but our flat is feeling more like home now, it’s been sunny lately, and I am happy. And it is daffodil-time-of-year, which is wonderful. For the next few months our flat shall be full of them! Am very glad that England happens to sell them as well as Wales…….  St David’s Day is coming up… I have a feeling they won’t be celebrating that in Kent. I shall make bara brith and cawl. Mmmhmm. I love cooking. I have started volunteering for the Citizens Advice Bureau, which I am enjoying immensely- I’m learning so much, and it is fascinating, and I will be doing something helpful and worthwhile and important, once I’m fully trained. So that’s good.

BEST BIT OF 2013 SO FAR – Managed to OHMYGOD get two tickets for a tiny intimate HIM gig in Camden the other day (they sold out within 10 minutes), I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW GAWDAMNEXCITED I AM! I have loved them since I was a crazy little teenaged goth girl, other bands have come and gone, but they are still wonderful. Of course.

Anyway, art art art art…… haven’t been doing much in the way of art…. I went on a bit of a cushion cover making spree the other week…. but now I have run out of cushions that need covers. BUT the plan is, if I’m tidy and organised, I’ll be able to work more. How many times have I said that……  Ha. I’ll believe it when I see it Em….


Perfect Heart (800x612)‘Perfect Heart’, 2012

DSCF5157 (603x800)Daffodils on my desk in the sunshine. Aw. Lovely.



Number One Grandaughter – Golden Virginia Embroidery

For Grandad_v2


“Number One Grandaughter”, embroidery, 2012.

I finished this a little while ago. It’s for my Grandad who died last year. He always smoked Golden Virginia. Golden Virginia is always going to be inextricably linked to my memories of him I reckon. But in a good way. In a happy way. He was pretty cool.