Do you want the truth or something beautiful?


A Short Thing

I want to go to bed. But I have words that I am meant to say- the Washington Gallery opening went well- I’d say 75% of the people that turned up were people I invited. Ha ha. It was quiet, but it was nice. It’s on for the next three or four weeks (it got an extension), so do go see it.

I got a ‘Warning; there is content in this room that may offend.’ sign. My work was the only thing that could possibly have meant. So that made my week. May it be the first of many.

I am fairly useless at everything at the moment. Which isn’t very nice. But trudge on and make do and it will all be ok. Or go into hibernation?  (Like a wombat. I think they hibernate? I should know, I had a slight obsession with them a couple of years ago. It came after the Dylan Thomas one. I have an EXCELLENT childrens book about a wombat- Diary of a Wombat. I highly recommend it. Cheery making.) I put a lot of pressure on myself I have realised. It’s never good enough. But I did spend last night making monoprints on my living room floor. I like monoprints. 

Night night dearies, there shall be a much more thrilling post soon.

Embroidery, 2011

‘Do Not Think’ at Galeri’s Open 2012; A Successful Mission

I spent last weekend up in beautiful, sunny Caernarfon, installing my work for Galeri Caernarfon’s Open 2012 exhibition. It all went very well, probably took over 6 hours of hammering, but it looks pretty flipping good; I am very happy with how it turned out! Didn’t win the ‘Most-Promising-Young-Artist-Award-Thing’, which would have been so amazing, but I did not mind losing to a beautifully fragile ceramic installation by Katie Colclough. Our works complemented each other quite nicely I thought, with their use of repetition, monochromatic colour schemes and vulnerability. I am very excited about the prospect of making new work now; I shall leave good-old crocheting alone for a little while 🙂

Do Not Think; silk and cotton crochet and embroidery, 2011


Galeri Caernarfon Open 2012 Exhibition

I’ve had my work chosen for a real life exhibition! ‘Do Not Think’ , will be on display in Galeri Caernarfon, up in north Wales, during January and February of next year. I am very, very excited, this will be my first exhibition as an artist, not an art student.  As it is a chance to expand on the installation which I exhibited as part of my degree show. Although it did feature 183 delicate pieces of unique, handmade crochet, it didn’t LOOK like enough once it was all nailed up. So between now and the installation of the show, I am going to be making more. There needs to be a higher concentration of crochet, it needs to be utterly overwhelming and intricate. I really cannot wait to see it all up again.

For a change, I have some recent drawings, doodles, from my sketchbook. My sketchbooks tend to be made up of text, naked women and patterns, and I do think that there is an obvious connection between them and the rest of my work. Well, I should bloody well hope so, it all comes from inside my skull!

New Blood Art

After visiting the Aberystwyth Degree show and seeing my work, got in touch with me. They are going to represent me online! Still sorting out the details, but I shall have a page up soon on their site, with my work for sale.

Above is a silk crochet piece, tentatively entitled ‘In My Craft or Sullen Art’… or maybe that should just be ‘Untitled Crochet 1’. I do not know! To be pretentious or not, that is the question… It is one of the bigger pieces of work from my ‘Do Not Think’ project. I love the way it drapes and falls. Displayed on a white wall like this, it almost becomes a drawing. With this piece I wanted to prove that crochet could indeed be beautiful and decadent in its own right, dispelling any horribly tacky crochet clichés.

Having finished university, my mind is all tangled and full of the work I want to make. I need to focus on something, and just get on with it. These are exciting times!

Aberystwyth Degree Show 2011


I exhibited an installation piece called ‘Do Not Think’, which involved 183 small pieces of crochet (in silk and cotton), and tiny, hand embroidered text.

Do Not Think is about false hope, words which should remain unsaid, and the sometimes futile attempt of trying to stop ourselves from thinking unwanted thoughts. The process of creating this work was as important as the finished piece; both crochet and embroidery keep the mind occupied.

I have never been so content with a piece of work, both aesthetically and conceptually. It is highly beautiful, yet also vulnerable and sinister. The subversive nature of my art, this juxtaposition of beauty and darkness, has always been important, and is something that I wish to continue exploring.

It’ll All Be Ok

Part of an ongoing body of work entitled Do Not Think. Someone tells you that everything will be ok; no-one can guarantee this, no-one can know that everything will be alright. In this project I have used both hand embroidery and crochet as a way to keep my mind occupied and pass time.