‘Do Not Think’ at Galeri’s Open 2012; A Successful Mission

I spent last weekend up in beautiful, sunny Caernarfon, installing my work for Galeri Caernarfon’s Open 2012 exhibition. It all went very well, probably took over 6 hours of hammering, but it looks pretty flipping good; I am very happy with how it turned out! Didn’t win the ‘Most-Promising-Young-Artist-Award-Thing’, which would have been so amazing, but I did not mind losing to a beautifully fragile ceramic installation by Katie Colclough. Our works complemented each other quite nicely I thought, with their use of repetition, monochromatic colour schemes and vulnerability. I am very excited about the prospect of making new work now; I shall leave good-old crocheting alone for a little while 🙂

Do Not Think; silk and cotton crochet and embroidery, 2011




Once again, I am crocheting like a mad thing, in preparation for the Open 2012 exhibition in Caernarfon next week! Excited, but terrified, this will be my very first exhibition since graduating last summer; hopefully it shall be the start of something wonderful…

Sold TWO pieces of art this week on Newbloodart, so that is oh so wonderful 🙂

One of them was this tiny bit of embroidery, delicate stitches obscuring words. ‘What am I doing?’ It’s so odd not knowing who buys my work, or why they like it.

My mission this weekend is to get new work up on newblood. Some embroidery and maybe a couple of drawings I think. But it is tricky deciding what! Looking through all my work, there are so many pieces which I would dearly love to exhibit, work which I want people to see, which needs to be up on walls… There are many pieces I would not feel at all happy selling over the internet. 

A recent pen drawing;

Galeri Caernarfon Open 2012 Exhibition

I’ve had my work chosen for a real life exhibition! ‘Do Not Think’ , will be on display in Galeri Caernarfon, up in north Wales, during January and February of next year. I am very, very excited, this will be my first exhibition as an artist, not an art student.  As it is a chance to expand on the installation which I exhibited as part of my degree show. Although it did feature 183 delicate pieces of unique, handmade crochet, it didn’t LOOK like enough once it was all nailed up. So between now and the installation of the show, I am going to be making more. There needs to be a higher concentration of crochet, it needs to be utterly overwhelming and intricate. I really cannot wait to see it all up again.

For a change, I have some recent drawings, doodles, from my sketchbook. My sketchbooks tend to be made up of text, naked women and patterns, and I do think that there is an obvious connection between them and the rest of my work. Well, I should bloody well hope so, it all comes from inside my skull!