I Am Fine

Embroidery, 2011

I have longed to move away
From the repetition of salutes,
For there are ghosts in the air
And ghostly echoes on paper

Dylan Thomas

I worry that I’m not making art in the right way, that I’m doing it all wrong, I’m going about it wrong. But then again, that is a stupid statement- there aren’t any rules. I wish I could be content painting pictures. Landscapes preferably. I wish I was just really, really bloody good at painting. People buy paintings, people understand what a painting is. I don’t think about what I’m doing, I make something because it feels right. Why is it art?! Just because I say so? But my work has integrity, and it has power, and emotion, and it is real. Maybe none of it’s coherent, maybe I should plan things out. I need a plan. I have so many unfinished pieces of work… I need to find focus. But it’s hard to go back to work on something when the feeling that inspired it in the first place has gone. I want to sew and I want to paint and I want to draw and I want to write and I want to crochet and I want to….. I want to do everything. Yesterday morning I thought I could take over the world, now it’s all a bit overwhelming again and my confidence is running away….. Maybe all my work is about making art. All my work is about me. My work is about everything. Take that, maybe it makes sense that it’s not coherent. Life isn’t that straightforward. Oh it’s all a mess. It’s best to not think about these things too much isn’t it. Life is too short to be unhappy.

There’s some new work up for sale on Newblood. They want me to sew more words on vintage fabric, so that my page is ‘coherent’, and because people want that sort of thing. I suppose I have to play the game and do that. I’m not a textile artist. I don’t think I’m a textile artist. (But I did sell five bits of work through them last week, so that is rather pleasant.)


Newblood Art

I didn’t know this (I should pay more attention), but on my Newbloodart page they have written their own statement about my work. No one’s ever done that before! Have an extract;

“Tann’s work is confessional and guarded, and always bittersweet.” 

‘Tann’s work’…. wow, makes me sound like a real artist. Awesome. I’ve never used the words confessional and guarded about my own work, but they are very apt. Confessional….. I have things to confess?! I probably do. Makes me feel a bit uncomfortable… Being an artist is a strange thing.

You can go to my page to read the whole thing- there’s finally new work up for sale as well! Some fairly awesome rosettes, even if I do say so myself.

If anyone would like a rosette commissioned, DO get in touch! I’d love to work collaboratively with someone else’s ideas. Or any other commissions for that matter.

I just realised my fingers are covered in ink…. I have absolutely no idea where it’s come from. Uh oh…..


The F-Word.

I do like a good swear word. When it is appropriate, and in moderation. Use any word too often and it loses all meaning. Slightly off on a tangent, a tanker driver in work annoyed me yesterday. Can’t even remember what we were chatting about in the office, but he was going to swear, and then stopped himself, because I was there. Oh the poor little innocent lady who can’t cope with swear words. BAH.

I unexpectedly sold some embroidery on Newbloodart the other week- ‘False Hope 2’. I like it, but it wasn’t overly…..well done. But I think it had some oomph. Feeling. I made it the morning following one of the most traumatic nights of my life which resulted in absolutely no sleep. Rather mad, though lovely, friends and a bridge and shouting and ringing policemen and ambulance men and panic and…yeah wow. Not good times.  Yet still we ended up in the school of art somehow the next day….?! So that is when I sewed this. All art must have a story behind it, I guess we just don’t always find out that story. I want to tell people my stories.  Oh no, I’ve been rabbiting on about this, and I can’t find a picture of it… Oh no. Please don’t tell me I sold it without taking a photo? Oops.

This page from my current sketchbook seems appropriate.

Handed my work in at the Washington Gallery in Penarth this morning, tis a lovely space, I am very excited about the exhibition opening on Friday! Although wondering what they’ll make of my swear words… I managed to leave before they’re had a look. Oh it’s art, they can’t censor me. Ha ha. Pretty, huh? Well I like it 🙂


Once again, I am crocheting like a mad thing, in preparation for the Open 2012 exhibition in Caernarfon next week! Excited, but terrified, this will be my very first exhibition since graduating last summer; hopefully it shall be the start of something wonderful…

Sold TWO pieces of art this week on Newbloodart, so that is oh so wonderful 🙂

One of them was this tiny bit of embroidery, delicate stitches obscuring words. ‘What am I doing?’ It’s so odd not knowing who buys my work, or why they like it.

My mission this weekend is to get new work up on newblood. Some embroidery and maybe a couple of drawings I think. But it is tricky deciding what! Looking through all my work, there are so many pieces which I would dearly love to exhibit, work which I want people to see, which needs to be up on walls… There are many pieces I would not feel at all happy selling over the internet. 

A recent pen drawing;

Sold False Hope

Sold more work on newbloodart today! Lovely stuff. T’was this embroidery. Will be quite sad to see this one go… Flipping exciting to be selling work though. Yes. I should think about putting some new work up for sale I reckon…

I’ve started making more crochet for the upcoming exhibition, which I am (so far) enjoying. It a little bit amazes me that I seem to be doing the things that real-life artists are meant to be doing….! I am so happy 🙂 Take that world, I shall be successful. Went to London at the weekend and saw Grayson Perry’s “Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman” at the British Museum. Was a very, very good exhibition, definitely worth a trip! The idea of craft in art, or as art, this boundary which seems to exist, is something which interests me greatly.


I bought six of these tiny little tatty doilies a few weeks back. I really, really like them, but am not sure what should be done with them… I’ve embroidered this one with red silk. I think the words should be smaller. There’s something very vulnerable about the doilies.

Life is happening…

So, I’ve been on holiday for a couple of weeks, graduated, and have ended up with two jobs (chemical analyst, oh yeah, and coffee shop person) and I’m volunteering in a lovely gallery! My Newbloodart page is up and running, and I am still sewing, still making things…. I am a very busy soul. It’s exciting!


Here’s another rosette, made from an embroidery piece I did some months ago. A rosette represents an achievement, a progression; this is for a part of my life which is over, and we all made it through. I feel like I’ve turned work which came from something negative into a positive statement, and I like that. Yes.

New Blood Art

After visiting the Aberystwyth Degree show and seeing my work, newbloodart.com got in touch with me. They are going to represent me online! Still sorting out the details, but I shall have a page up soon on their site, with my work for sale.

Above is a silk crochet piece, tentatively entitled ‘In My Craft or Sullen Art’… or maybe that should just be ‘Untitled Crochet 1’. I do not know! To be pretentious or not, that is the question… It is one of the bigger pieces of work from my ‘Do Not Think’ project. I love the way it drapes and falls. Displayed on a white wall like this, it almost becomes a drawing. With this piece I wanted to prove that crochet could indeed be beautiful and decadent in its own right, dispelling any horribly tacky crochet clichés.

Having finished university, my mind is all tangled and full of the work I want to make. I need to focus on something, and just get on with it. These are exciting times!