Newblood Art

I didn’t know this (I should pay more attention), but on my Newbloodart page they have written their own statement about my work. No one’s ever done that before! Have an extract;

“Tann’s work is confessional and guarded, and always bittersweet.” 

‘Tann’s work’…. wow, makes me sound like a real artist. Awesome. I’ve never used the words confessional and guarded about my own work, but they are very apt. Confessional….. I have things to confess?! I probably do. Makes me feel a bit uncomfortable… Being an artist is a strange thing.

You can go to my page to read the whole thing- there’s finally new work up for sale as well! Some fairly awesome rosettes, even if I do say so myself.

If anyone would like a rosette commissioned, DO get in touch! I’d love to work collaboratively with someone else’s ideas. Or any other commissions for that matter.

I just realised my fingers are covered in ink…. I have absolutely no idea where it’s come from. Uh oh…..



Not Good Enough

I’ve been researching other artists this morning. Really made me realise how easy it is to make crappy textile art. Yes, take something like a hand-grenade, make a knitted version, and OH SUBVERSIVE INTERESTING EDGY ART. No it is not. Embroidering one nice word onto a found doily doesn’t always make for an interesting object. Please stop cross-stitching cliched swear words, it isn’t enough. It’s all been done before. Yes, we get that you can create something juxtaposed and subversive using the domesticated, restrained, feminine traditional medium of textiles. But from what I’ve seen there is a lot of dull, repetitive work out there. Do something wonderful! Or beautiful. Maybe there is a lot out there that is almost right… but not quite. I want to find something really interesting and unique. The possibilities of textiles are really exciting and intriguing…. Must try harder. And I know I have been guilty of some of what I’ve just said. Onwards and upwards. I have a plan.

Hand-sewn rosette, 2012