Eclectic Shock Exhibition Photos!

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It’s all up and it looks absolutely lovely, even if I do say so myself…. 🙂 Well happy. Private view on Saturday night, it’s gonna be grand. Oh yes.

Come along if you happen to be in South East England!

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Contemporary Art Exhibition – Eclectic Shock – What If Gallery, Dartford

I’d love to invite you all to our art exhibition, at the What If Gallery, Dartford! Featuring work from a range of young artists, all working in eclectically different styles, it promises to have something to intrigue everyone….

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Please do pass this post/flyer on to anyone you think may be interested!

5th – 17th August 2013

Private view – All Welcome! – Saturday 10th August, 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Eclectic Shock Exhibition Flyer What If Gallery Dartford

“Sophie, you’ve over-glittered your dinosaur!”


The dinosaur was indeed over-glittered. You couldn’t see the dinosaur for the blue sparkles. It turns out that little girls are actually magpies in disguise, and they have no comprehension of how long it’ll take vast puddles of glitter glue to dry. No, you cannot wear your glitter-laden crown. It’ll get stuck to your hair. 

So it seems that I have started yet another volunteering job. At an art gallery in Dartford – the What If Gallery. A community gallery that is really accessible to artists (work up for £1 a week? 20% commission? Yes please!), and run by a very friendly bunch of volunteers. I jumped in at the deep end last week and helped out with a children’s arts and crafts workshop. It was amazing, I had so much fun! The chaos! The energy! The glitter! Absolutely exhausting. Children are amazing. And they seem to like me (for some reason.) Made me re-realise that perhaps I really should carry on pursuing my slightly-abandoned plan to become a teacher. I think I could kick ass. 

A relevant recent sketchbook page………………grownup (547x800)