Bittersweet Doilies


Important Words. Mementos? Little bits of stories, bits of me. Things are not quite as they seem. Ambiguous. Happy, sad, bittersweet (I hope). And somewhat sarcastic. Find your own meaning, give these words your own significance. Yes, do that. I don’t want to see them any more.

Recently completed series of embroidered vintage doilies, which will hopefully be available to buy through New Blood Art soon.


A Realisation


(indian ink, A3)

So I have been on holiday, and it was lovely. We stayed IN A CASTLE. Oh yes, a castle. Beach and sea and waves and rain and sun and too much wine and good food and… and.  It was nice. I bought a fur coat, of all things, and floated round the grounds like a proper pretentious sod in my sun glasses, reading Virginia Woolf. Christ. I had fun, screw it. And I got home to discover that I’ve sold five pieces of work on Newblood last week! Really must put new work up, and really, really must increase my prices. I’m still getting the hang of it. Have started working on a new embroidery commission; “A tidy house is a sign of a dull women” perhaps? Or “Man was made for something better than disturbing dirt”, said Oscar Wilde….. I wonder if he thought the same of women…